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How I Manage My Curly Hair.

How I Manage My Curly Hair.

Hi Everyone!

So as you can tell... I have very curly hair. When I was younger it took forever to grow and was always so hard for me to manage, but as I have gotten older I have learned how to deal with it.

In January of last year, I got a Keratin treatment. Before I received this treatment my hair had a lot more volume and a lot more curl. The specific treatment I got removed around 60% of my curl... something I did not know was going to happen. Yes, the treatment has made my hair easier to manage, but I really miss the curls I used to have and am trying to get my hair to go back to its natural look, and it is almost there. 

But beyond my treatment, these are the products and tips I have learned to manage my hair. 

When I am leaving it natural:

  • I will usually wash my hair in the morning with the Milbon Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner for medium hair. 
  • Then after I shower, I will towel dry my hair as I am doing my makeup, allowing my hair to be damp when I finish.
  • Then I brush my hair out with just a basic paddle brush
  • Then I use a little nickel size amount of Bumble and Bumbles Curl Defining Creme and gently rake it through my hair - focusing on the front pieces, then I brush it through 
  • To finish I just take sections of my hair and scrunch it up and hold it for a second to help define and shape the curl. 
  • And that is it! 

When I am straightening:

When I curl my hair: 

  • I do the same thing as above, except I obviously curl my hair using a 1.5 inch barrel. 

When I style my hair I try to keep as long as I can by using the DryBar Dry Shampoo, but when I leave it natural I was it every day. 


These are just some tips and tricks I have learned to manage my curly hair!

Xx, Amalie

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